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Smarty Tuner

Get all the best information and reviews on the Smarty Tuner from MADS Electronics plus find reviews on other diesel programmers for the Dodge Cummins by competitors such as the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner.

smarty tuner

The Smarty Tuner is produced by MADS Electronics and is typically considered to be the top diesel programmer in the industry for Dodge Cummins trucks. It utilizes CaTCHER software which is included with product along with free lifetime updates.

The Smarty Tuner and Smarty Jr. Programmers are handheld diesel tuners that allow consumers to make their own modifications to their Ctruck’s fuel injection system.

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How Does the Smarty Tuner Improve Performance on the Dodge Cummins?

A Smarty Tuner alter the settings on the fuel injection to provide increased power while keeping emissions low and driving safe. It allows you to get the absolute best performance from your Dodge Cummins diesel truck.

The software is what really drives this device and allows you to completely customize how you want your truck to drive and perform!

Smarty Tuner Software – REVO and CaTCHER

REVO means that the Cummins engine performance tuning software can be completely customized by the user. It’s simple to do so you don’t need to worry about being a rocket scientist to make your own customized settings.

CaTCHER stands for Clutch and Traction Challenger and Smarty includes 10 different CaTCHER softwares from which to choose for updating your ECM. The software will greatly improve throttle response and kick in the turbo a bit sooner. A lot can be changed with performance by altering the injection timing and torque management.

Changing the ECM With a Cummins Programmer

Updating the ECM with your Smarty programmer is super fast. MADS Electronics has done a lot of research to minimize and optimize the update time required, and they’ve done a great job. Updates are done quickly, and usually take just a few minutes once you get accustomed to using Smarty.

You can always restore your ECM back to default easily and effortlessly since the Smarty tuner has the latest softwares contained in the memory board.

Recent Updates on The Smarty Tuner

Check out some examples of the customization options provided by smarty programmers and smarty jr. tuners.

Smarty S04 and S06 Programmers for Dodge Cummins

You can select the controls for a variety of available menu items including speed-limiter, rpm-limiter, shift limiter, torque management levels, injection timing, rail pressure, and wastegate. Below we have listed the available options.



From 25 to 250 mph in one mile increments


RPM Limiter***

# 0 – # 1 – 4200 RPM


Shift Limiter***

# 0 – (On)# 1 – Off ( also shift light indicator will be turned off )


Torque Management

# 0 – Default# 1 – Stock# 2 – Mild# 3 – Moderate# 4 – Wild (
aftermarket clutch / AT Transmission recommended )


Injection Timing

# 0 – Default

# 1 – Stock

# 2 – for aftermarket injectors

# 3 – for fuel economy ( less advanced than # 2 )

# 4 – for stock injectors ( less advanced than # 3 )


Rail pressure

# 0 – Default

# 1 – Stock

# 2 – Mild

# 3 – Moderate

# 4 – Wild (aftermarket injectors


Wastegate ( for 2004.5 and up trucks
only )

# 0 – (On)

# 1 – Off (
for aftermarket turbo )

The above settings are an example of the customization possible with a Smarty Programmer. Of course you can always skip the “adjust options”
menu and simply select the CaTCHER level you want. Smarty will do all the hard work once you make your selections, and your settings will be stored in Smarty Tuner memory chip.

One of these diesel cummins programmers will change the way your truck performs and you’ll wonder how you got by without one!

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Manufacturer’s website.

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